At 12:07 17.08.1997 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi Dr. Dish, 
>I just read this message on the newsgroups (alt.satellite.tv.europe):
><NASA TV is on Intelsat K now. It is MPEG II digital, the parameters
><are: 11.566 V pol, SR=5.632 FEC=3/4
>Is this true???
>P.S.: If this is not true, I would be interested in seeing NASA TV somewhere.
It´s not true. This txp is used by REUTER and during missions you will see
some parts of NASA-TV as a feed.
John Locker and the drish@tv-team are trying to find a solution for Europe,
but it will take some time, because we have to find a cheap way to get this
signal (MPEG-2 would cost less) to Europe.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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