>City: Bedford
>Questions: Dear Christian,
>many congratulations first of all for your excellent magazine and even more
excellent tv
>show. I am thinking to subsc. to TSI very soon.
>I have asked around on a couple of Newsgroups on the Internet about this
question and
>nobody has been able to help.
>Can you please tell me (perhaps by testing with a spectrum analyzer) if the
Italian channels
>called TMC and TMC2 are still on E2 F3 in SCPC? Satcodx.com lists report
them in the clear, but
>I cannot receive them. Can you please help?
>Fabio Gangarossa, UK

Both TMC´s moved July 15 from F3 to HOTBIRD´s transponder 62. Try 11.958,
TMC: video: 0200, audio: 028A
TMC-2: video: 0201, audio: 0294

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