drdish@tv news      July 4, 1997
From the MASCOM-Team we got the following news:
"One message has arrived here that says that DMX-Europe is since July 1th in
liquidation and service will end on July 10."
We tried to get some verification from DMX, received until now no reaction
at all.

A small company from the Netherlands (Bakkers BV) makes life not easy for
Multichoice. Assests in the value of 4.1 Millionen Dutch Guilders where
frozen today by a judge order. Bakkers claims to have lost around 3.9
Millionen Dutch Guilders last year, because Multichoice did not - or only
with some difficulties - provide owners of different MPEG-receivers then the
official PACE with viewing cards for the free channels (RTL4/5, SBS6 and
Veronica) during the first months after July 1996. During this period
Bakkers offered in the Netherlands the cheaper Panasat.
We will try to get a statement from Multichoice and will cover the whole
story on drdish@tv (July 11).

It was not a prolonged winter-sleeping of hackers, but busy months for this
rare group of human beings. Now the results of there thinking period are
reached the black market. Illegal cards for Multichoice, Telepiu and DF1 are
available in large quantities.
A Berlin based company offered the impletation of different software into
the d-box via the serial port for DM 200,- some weeks ago. Now, the the
nessesary access-software is offered free of charge by a unknown source via
the Internet.

IRDETO secretes are lifted
No secret is the SMD-chip 27512 anymore. The chip is used with nly 2/3 of
his capacity and clones are expected to reach the market in due time. Says
one hacker to Dr.Dish: " The IRDETO-system is so safe as a snowball in
heaven, who in hell uses for this data a normal SMD-Eprom?"

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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