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At 12:47 24.05.1997 -0700, you wrote:
>My name is Luis M. Santini,I have a 12'diameter dish for C and Ku band
>Puerto Rico,USA(caribbean),I have a horizon to horizon mount who enable
>me to get from 21degrees West(Intelsat 515/k) to Satcom C1 137.0degrees
>West;I'm interested in receiving the european and south american
>satellites who transmit in PAL format,Ihave a G.I.(general instrument)
>550i with a Chaparral corotor and a 15 degrees C-band LNB and a 7
>Ku band LNB;please let me know where i can find somebody who can tell me 
>what to do to be able to get this signals;If you can answer me the
>following questions,you will help me a lot. 1.the following satellietes
>transmit in linear or circular polarization:Intelsat 601?,hispasat 1A/1B
>,intelsat 603,Orion 1,TDRS 4,PAS 3R,PAS 1,Intelsat 709,Intelsat 706,
>Brazilsat B1,Nahuel 1A;i receive all this satelites but only the ntsc
>format,do i need a converter for my ntsc tv set?,,Do i need a wide band 
>LNB?,What is Leicht,Powervu,Nagravision,Irdeto,B-mac?;Where i can buy a
>digicipher 1 equipment?. Thank's for your help,I'm a international
>satellite magazine subscriber and is very interesting.

All parameters of channels, satellites and color-systems you will find at
http://www.satcodx.com and in the recent issue of TELE-satellite
International. INTELSAT uses in Ku-band linear and in c-band circular
polarization, Hispasat: both systems, Orion: linear, PAS: linear. Brazilsat:
linear and Nahuel: linear.
In order to receive PAL and SECAM colors, you should use a multi-color TV
set. A wide LNB for Ku is fine, but your receiver should have a IF-range
from 900 to 2150 mc.
"Leicht" is not known to me. PowerVu and Irdeto are access-conditions for
digital systems. PowerVu is used by Scientific-Atlanta receivers and IRDETO
is a conditional access system, used in Europe, South Africa and the Far
East. B-MAC is an outdated transmission standard, not very much in use
today. Nagravision a analogue encryption, used in Europe and Digicipher 1 is
encryption-system used in the USA.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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