May 23, 1997

50th show of drdish in June!

Following month it┤s some kind of birthday to all involved in making this
program. Born in January 1994 as TS-TV and for 45 minutes on satellite, the
show was been taped a few days before. Today - meanwhile the name has
changed to drdish@tv - the show comes live for 3 hours every second friday
of a month. On June 13, 1997 we will "celebrate" our 50th show and we are
proud to be still alive. During this period, Dr.Dish-live answered more then
4000 technical questions from viewers.

 Without our sponsors - Deutsche Telekom AG and TELE-satellite International
- we never had made it. Not to forget all the people supporting the show:
 Petra Huether and A. Wiese (both came up with the idea in December 1993),
the Koening-Brothers from Munich - doing the work behind the cameras during
the first year, Claudia Spaeth - the prize-girl with the Bavarian accent,
Dr. R.Buelow - our first news reader, Reiner Klohn and Susanne Pillich -
graphics and customer-service in the first year, Norbert Schlammer - the
c-band guru, Matthias Kronbach - behind the camera for more then one year,
Ay Renneberg - our dutch communicator on the live-phone, Joerg Rademacher -
technical troubleshooter, Mike Bauerfeind - today behind the camera and
digital expert, John Locker - our Space News man, David de Jong - reading
the Dutch Media News, Malcolm Titmus - our english co-moderator and all the
technicans from the Uplink-Station of the Deutsche Telekom AG at Usingen -
getting us save and sound on satellite. A special thank you to Markus Christ
of Deutsche Telekom and to all his colleagues, being with us from the first day.
 Without you people watching the show, it would be a boring event. Thanks a lot!

 As always your video-material of your own satellite-equipment, funny or
rare feeds recorded or about technical improvements are welcome. You can use
PAL, SECAM, NTSC on VHS, S-VHS or High-8 tapes. Just send the material to
the adress given below.

 The quality of the show depends on financial returns. You can buy airtime
on the program and present your products in any way you like. Reaching more
then 100.000 viewers across Europe without any loss. Even the whole show
could be transmitted out of your premises.

See you again on June 13, 1997 from 20:00h to 23:00h (C.E.T.) via DFS-II on
28.5 degr. East (11.548 GHz, vertical, sound: 6.65 MHz, 300 kHz, 75Ás)

Further information:
P.O.Box 1153
D-52532 Gangelt
Fax: +31-45-5273615
Phone: +31-45-564 000 2

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe┤s first satellite info-channel

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