RE: Kinshasa-Feeds

Thanks to Antwan from the Netherlands. He provided the nessesary data for
the feeds coming out from Zaire and i would like to pass it on to my
readers. Since it is in ETSI, unfortunatly to chance to see anything with
DVB-compatible equipment

>Dag Christian,
>This SiS feeds are coming from a digital SNG out of Zaire. It's a FLYAWAY/TES
>with one antenna (G00095G) and has 2 outputs Thomson ETSI 8448 registered in
>the UK. The companie-name is SNG. The dish is a diamond 2m and working in
>C-band. (It can also transmit in Ku-Band)
>The transmissions are done via Intelsat 703 (57 East/IOR) Transponder 21/21
>Hemi-West channel 1 and 2. The downlink is done in Berceney/France.
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