Re: [Fwd: Time Codes Part 2]

So, I am confused too!!! One correction I got from Francis Borg:
"Wrong I believe. UTC is the same as GMT all year round. British Summer Time
(to confuse you even more) is one hour ahead of GMT which is still one hour
behind CET.Even worse if the wrong information is given."

The next correction:

>I always read your articles with much interest, and this case is even more
>I work at the National Belgian TV (RTBF) for the EBU, and with EBU we never
>use UTC sigla but all around the year the GMT one.  And absolutely all our
>work is done in "G" hours.
>But may be we are wrong, but anyway the Brits use as well the BST sigla
>which I suppose mean "British Summer Time".
>Thank you for your great help all the time for my hobby.
>Didier Piette

I promise, I never will answer such a question again! Is much more confusing
then explaining why a french MPEG-decoder does not work on a italian
MPEG-signal with a dutch CAM....

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