Re: Rendez-Vous!

Dr.Dish: This e-mail reached us today and we will pass it on without any
>A few days ago there was a Press Release posted by you about the
>Rendez-Vous television. Here is an answer to that Press Release written by
>Antenna Hungaria. If it is possible, could you please post it to the list?
>The press information about Rendez-Vous International Television S.A.
>Luxembourg holding company published at this place of the Internet is not
>all together in accordance with the facts.
>The editing and uplink for Rendez-Vous TV has been provided by Antenna
>Hungaria Rt. for 7 months. Rendez-Vous TV has payed off only a part of
>this service after prolonged negotiations - there is still USD 100 000
>depth left - this is the reason why the transmission is suspended. They
>have not reached to this step until present. The technical problems
>mentioned were caused by the faulty and outdated equipment and software
>provided by Rendez-Vous TV.
>We were suprised to read on Internet that Rendez-Vous TV is planning to
>start transmission again from another uplink station. We are drawing the
>attention of any potential new partners and subscribers to the
>perspectives with Rendez TV, i.e. what they can expect after for
>approximately half a year.
>This is the answer provided by Antenna Hungaria to the Press Release of
>Rendez Vous TV. If you are wondering why I am the person who is posting
>this answer: Antenna Hungaria has only some limited Internet access, but
>the person on this matter can be reached at cefi@ahrt.zene.hu.
>If the above address fails somehow, please send it to me and I will
>forward it to Antenna Hungaria.

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