DR.DISH Q&A, February 23, 1997

To all responding so fast to my qusetion regarding the SAA 7183: thanks very
much! I transfered the results to a very active researcher of the d-box and
I hope we will get some nice ideas in due ideas about improving reception
with this box.

drdish@tv is looking for educational video material related to satellie-
communications and also for new ideas (modifications, special dish setups
and utility recpetion. Just contact Dr.Dish by e-mail.

DR.DISH Q&A, February 23, 1997



Toni from Australia:
>Do you (or anybody else reading this) know how to access the Teletext
>information apparently being sent along with the TVE International channel as
>part of the European Broadcasting Bouquet on AsiaSat2?
>Here is the relevant extract on the TVE home page which mentions it. I've
>emailed them about it but I doubt I will receive a reply, I rarely do.
>From: http://www.rtve.es/rtve/_tve/_promo/tecnoava.htm
>>Por otra parte, TVE mantiene un avanzado servicio de TELETEXTO, pionero en
España, al igual que el servicio de transmisión de datos "SkyData", y
>trabaja activamente en todos los programas de televisión avanzada, tanto en
los procesos de producción electrónica, como en la digitalización en
>transmisión ,tecnología que aplica actualmente para enviar su canal
TVE-Internacional hacia Asia y Oceanía en un paquete conjunto con Deutsche
>Welle, RAI Internacional, MCM Internacional y veinte emisoras de radio, a
través del satélite Asiasat 2. 
>I have a Panasat IRD520 and also have access to a Digiskan SK777 receiver.
>= Tony =

TVI transmitts a special teletext service, but your IRD 520 is not able to
work with teletext. Please contact Digiskan in Australia, because the SK888
should be able to do the job, since this company is very flexibel ajusting
the new SK 888 to the needs of their customers.


Joos Kragen from the Netherlands:
In the Nethetlands we are depending on one type of digital receiver. It is a
PACE and what we get for the money is not much: for 1600 Dutch guilders a
plain receicer withou scart-connector and 12 volt switching. Changing
parameters is a painful job. A second receiver from Echostar was been
announced, but never appeared on market. Do we have to acctept the monopoly
of Pace?

Have a look in the new Conrad-catalogue (Dutch version). This company offers
for around hfl 1300,- the Huyndai-receiver. If this one not satisfy you,
then wait for the new Galaxis SAT 500 IRD, which will appear on the Dutch
market soon. I tested the italian version of this receiver some month ago
and rated this receiver as one of the best. A lot of features in a very
stable housing (no plastic).
Why you canīt buy a Echostar yet, itīs some kind of mystery and not much
information is coming from Almelo.
No wonder, if gossips go around, if the press departement of such a well
known company is not able to inform the public about future plans.


M. Black from the USA:
I work for a company that covers the entire southern third of Minnesota and
we constantly running into data-line problems with the large number of
telephone companies that we use to carry our network traffic. Is there a
satellite service that would lease us satellite use or is it cost
prohibitive? Is there eqpīt available for companies to use satellites as a
data transmission tool?

It depends on the amount of data and your speed reqirement. If it is just
multipoint communications with low speed data the upcoming ORCOMM and
IRIDIUM satellites would be a cheaper way to tranmsfer your data.
If you aquire high speed data transfer, it would be wise to use the service
of a geostationary satellite.
Try ORION Network Systems, Fax: 301-258-8119 or PanamSat, Fax: 203-622 9163.
Some companies offering a varity of  satellite links, so you are able to
compare the prices. To pick up some adresses in your area, have alook in the
VIA-Satellite magazine, which is available in your country.


T. Krampe from Germany:
Ich besitze einen Pace MSS 1001 und wuerde mir gerne einen Uniden SQ550LT
zulegen. Das Problem: die Fernbedienung beider Geraete unterscheidet sich
aeusserlich nicht. Funktionieren beide Receiver im selben Raum?

I got a Pace MSS 1001 and would like to buy a Uniden SQ550LT, but here is a
problem since both remote controls look alike. Can I use both receivers in
the same room?

Waehrend der Testperiode des SQ550LT hatten wir auch einen Pace in Betrieb
und konnten keine Beeinflussung festellen. Um aber an der sicheren Seite zu
sein, wuerde ich beim Kauf des Uniden die Pace-Fernbedienung mitnehmen und
mir den SQ vorfuehren lassen (ein guter Fachhaendler tut das) und dann
gleich mal testen ob es zu keinen Komplikationen kommt.

During testing the SQ550LT we also used a Pace without any complications.
But to be on the safe side, take the remote control of the Pace with you,
buying the the SQ and have a test. A good dealer will accept your "test".


M. Bishop from the UK:
Can you tell me - I have a motorized satellite system - when digital
receivers go on sale in Britain at the end of the year, would I be able to
pick up the digital stations that are in the clear, i.e. The Music Factory,
The Parliment Channel and Live TV? Or will be the receiver made so, that it
would only be able to pck up stations from Astra satellites i.e. Sky
Channels and assc. channels.

Since there still some time left, until the digital system reaches the UK,
one can only hope that the program providers learned a lttle bit from the
wrong politics made at the moment by the european providers: selling boxes
which only receive national packages. This politics are the best ground for
providers of illegal cards and card-tourism.
I believe on the end of the year you will have much more choice between
different receivers: 1. a very cheap version for just receiving the
Murdoch-packages,2. a free-to-air receiver allowing you to receive package
of your choice (and paying for it) and all free channels and 3. a combined
analogue/digital receiver which gives you back your freedom of information.


Andrei Fedorishev from Russia:
I lost the remote control for the WINSAT 912 receiver. Could you give me
some advice how to program this receiver?
Thanks a lot.

Itīs some time ago I used this receiver. So again, some of our readers
should able to help. If not, you should contact the manufacturer: fax
+886-(2) 917-8362.


Oles from Lituvania:
Is it true that nearly 20 italian channels do allready broadcast in the
Ka-band (21 GHz). Where can I find information about Ka-band and satellites
working in this band or firms dealing wthis receiving equipment?

On the Ka-band of ITALSAT different channels from Italy distributing their
signal, but not as DTH. The problem is, to get a proper LNB and feed. Even
italian companies canīt provide such equipment for private (and affordable)
use. The complete listing of the ITALSATs will be published in one of the
following issues of TELE-satellite magazine. If a manufacturer can offer
this kind of feed/lnb, please inform us and we pass on the news in this service.


G. Hurlinger from Austria:
Is there any pc-program available which works as a spectrum analyzer on any
satellite receiver and is able to show als the digital and analoge scpc-signals?

Not really on the market, but we will have a cheap solution  in our next
show of drdish@tv on March 14th. Here we will use are very cheap
Astra-receiver and a direct connection (digital/digital) between the
receiver and the pc. The program is running under WIN and shows acurately
even scpc-signals. So, just wait for 3 weeks and give not away your old
Astra-receiver. He will be the basic of the low cost spectrum analyzer.


Thatīs all for today. If left still in the dark with your question, please
wait for the next issue of this service or watch (if you live in Europe) the
next show of drdish@tv. If graphic is involved, you will finf the answer in
the next issue of TELE-satellite magazine.

All of you: have a nice week!

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europeīs first satellite info-channel

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