Contact with DXers

>Country:  Sweden
>Questions:  I was wondering if you are in contact with any young 
>DX:ers in Europe, and if you have their e-mail adresses.
>I for myself are very interrested in satellite TV and 
>i have been DXing since i was 16 years old,am now 21.
>I always watch your show over kopernikus,too bad you
>speak german instead of english, but i catch up anyway.
>I use a 2 meter primefocus dish with an LNB for 10.700 - 
>12.750 from California Amplifier 0.8dB, and a 22 Kelvin
>LNB with a feedhorn from Chapparall, to this antenna i have
>connected two recivers a MACAB NRF660 and a PRAXIS XLT980
>for the C band. I have a homemade dualaxis polarmount with
>two actuators. To the MACAB a have also hooked up one dish
>for Intelsat 702 and one for Sirius.I`m in contact with
>Bertil Sundberg alias "Rymddoktorn" and Christian Lyngemark
>from Satco dx.
>johan rosenkvist 
The two contacts you have allready, are the best you could have. Why do you
not prepare a video of your satellite receiving equipment and the reception
results and send it to drdish@tv, P.O.Box 1153, D-52532 Gangelt. Just do it
the english language and put your adress on the end and you get quite a lot
of responses.
Sorry about the german language in the show, but in the old days, the
transmission was directed to german viewers. Today the audience is quite
international and I know we have to do something with the language. For this
a second english speaker is needed and a second audiotrack. To finance this,
we would need some kind of income (advertīs) to pay the extra costs. Thatīs
the main problem. We would love to make the show bi-langual.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europeīs first satellite info-channel

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