Intersputnik 8 satellite

A planned sat-tv project depends very much on the avaibilty of transponders
covering Asia and Europe. PAS-4 is reaching both areas, but terrible
expensive. We learned about the new  Intersputnik 8 satellites. Could you
provide us with some coverage data and how to contact Intersputnik?
L.Han, Johore Bahru

You will need a little bit of patience, because no launch contract for
Intersputnik-8 is signed yet, but the first satellite shall be placed in
Orbit at 75E in 1999.The next one goes to 16W. Indeed the coverage show
some similarities with PAS. In the c-band from the 75E position the whole
of Asia is covered and Europe/middle East. The Ku-band works with spotbeams
to India, South-East Asia, Australia and Southafrica.
From the 16W position in the c-band North- and Southamerica and whole of
Europe, Middle East and Africa is covered. In the ku-band you reach
Middle-America, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Europe. For further booking
information contact the Marketing Director of Intersputnik, Fax:+7-95 253 99 06
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europes first satellite info-channel

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