>I have an motorised LT8700 with a quad band lnb. I have also recently
purchased a d-box and wish to feed both receivers from the one dish.
>If I replace the Quad band with a Universal LNB I loose the top end of the
Telcom band  due to LT 8700 only tuning to 2050Mhz.
>Is it possible to either convert the tone and voltage swithing output of
the d-box to enable the use of the quad band or maybe use some sort of
waveguide splitter behind the feedhorn to atttach both the quad band and a
Universal lnb to the dish.
>I have tried asking the question to several UK dealers who could not give
me an answer.
If you use a magnetic polarizer, you cold buy a interface allowing to use
both receivers on your quad-lnb. The active receiver changes the
polarization. If you can´t get it in the UK, plse. contact
Neijland/Netherlands (fax: +31-315-340601). If you use a servo-polarizer a
OMT will allow the use of a second lnb (Universal). Switching could done via
the 0/12V switch or if you have no c-band, just use the second IF-connector.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
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