Quiet Motor

>Questions:  Dear Dr. Dish,
>I apologize if this question has already been addressed to 
>you. I'm going to install a steerable dish on the roof of 
>an apartment building and I would like to get the most silent
>actuator possible (money permitting). What brand/model do 
>you recommend with this in mind? Please also let me know a
>dealer here in Europe.
>Secondly, we've been trying to get your show on a 1.8 dish
>here in Barcelona to no avail. Can you confirm that DFS2 is
>very very weak here (even with threshold extension to the 
>Thanks for your help!
>                     Joaquín
You could use a h2h-actuator made for a larger dish as you use. He will need
less force to move your dish and as a result will make less noise. But also
a normal actuator will do it.To tight the actuator on his middle part will
prevent him to bent over a little after some month  and making terrible
noises. Many people mounting the actuator on one ende (near the dish) in
order to get more satellites to the east or west.
Between the dish and mount (usually 4 bolts) you could place some plastic
rings. Noises coming from the motor and polarmount will be less reflected by
the dish.
The mounting pole could be filled with very fine sand or some foam-spray. A
last way is to slow down the motor by connecting a power resistor to the 36
volt supply
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