D-Box on the canary islands

>Dear Sir,
>I have a D-box and receive excellent pictures from Vertical transponders
only as
>I live in The Canary Islands. I would very much appreciate answers to the
>1. I understand that software upgrades can only be received via a Horizontal
>channel. Is this true? If so, how can I get upgrades from another source as
I am
>still on version 1.43?
>I have subscribed to the Multichoice package and have received the card but
I am
>told I need new software.
>2. I receive the excellent regular D-Box information  from Mike Bauerfeind but
>since my knowledge of German is virtually non-existant I cannot follow some of
>the procedures he mentions. Is there any other source of information in
>Today's report included the Audio and Video PIDs for the Astra Spanish channels
>but I cannot follow the procedure for accessing and updating the INTERNAL MENU.
>Please can you help? 
>Many thanks, Brian Haskell
1. Start manual searching with a vertical transponder of the DF1-package
(12.090) and your d-box should get an update (v.2.0). But CAREFULL, now you
will be not able to receive the MultiChoice package anymore with the d-box.
In order to get both packages your box has to stay on the old
software-version with all bugs. You can get a software-change by Bakker
Electronics, Netherlands, which closes your box for unwanted df1 updates and
is able to receive different national packages and scpc-signals. Look at

2. Look at "in-sat" via http://www.tele-satellit.com and click online
reading of in-sat. On dec.29 I stored here a english translation of MikeŽs
internal manual description. 
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, EuropeŽs first satellite info-channel

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