>Hi Dr.Dish!
>Question is non-geostationary Molniya: it's said that there is
>regular transmissions on C-band at least from ORT1 to northern 
>areas of Russia and northern pole. Local dealer told that 
>coming adultchannel A4+ from Spitzbergen will use it as link 
>to Bjorn 2B when it will be launched in late 1997. 
>On news it was said that Mr. Clinton and Mr. Jeltsin have used 
>this bird as a telephone link. I know that ORT is easily available 
>from 11'W but I just would like to know that is it possible to
>receive anything from Molniya? 
>Is there any possibilitities to receive signals from this 
>mysterious satellite? Signal strength, frequencies, how stabil 
>signal is, polarisation etc... 
>P.J. from Finland

sorry, but this answer took some time, in order to find out something about
the new MOLNIYA. All I know he is using UHF and the c-band. So, maybe one of
our readers can help out.
What we need is: TLE´s, frequencies in use for tv, radio, data and hotline

If I get any response I will pass it on
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