Polarmount + digital tv in the UK

>Dear Dr. Dish,
>I have got a Pace MSS 100 with 1 metre lenson heath dish, in order to motorise
>my dish, which is the best one to buy and use with no complications of the
>1) 12" Actuator with a challenger positioner
>2) Satwalker with challenger positioner
>3) IRTE omnisat
>another question:
>we have heard that the digital receivers are coming out soon. my question is
>what is going to happen to people with their existing receivers?
>thank you
Itīs difficult to give a objective advice, but my personal choice would be
the IRTE.
Nothing can stop digital sat-tv coming to he UK (donīt build tunnels!). You
have to buy a additonal digital receiver. This will use the same dish and
switching between the analogue and digital receiver is done by a optional
interface. Donīt cry, because you still will receive a lot of analogue
signals and if you buy some truly european digital receiver - still a dream
and only done by modification of existing boxes - you get access to many
FTA(free to air)-digital signals. Watch the next drdish@tv show on january
10 and our Mike Bauerfeind will show you how manipulate the german d-box.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europeīs first satellite info-channel

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