need advice about digital

>can you help me about choosing new equipment for receiving digital
>I'm living in Cetinje, Montenegro, south part of Yugoslavia.
>For your information, it's about 20km away from Adriatic sea.
>Currently, I've got:
>1.2m dish pointed to 13.0E / Sharp 9.75, 1.0dB
>0.6m dish pointed to 19.2E / Samsung 9.75, 0.9dB
>	(Yes, smaller dish pointing astra with a lot of sparklies,
>	 because I don't know german, but I can exchange them anytime)
>12V switch unit
>Allsat receiver SR93 (99 progs, 5.5dB treshold, basic)
>I would like to upgrade my equipment to receive digital transmissions, 
>at first for Italian channels (Mediaset - HotBird 2) and MTV Europe.
>I know that I have to change LNB for universal one (recommend, please).
>I'm quite confused about d-box(es) (german, dutch, italian).
>Is there any device that can be used for viewing all or most of digital
>channels from astra/eutelsat? Where to buy it?
>Please answer me
>Zeljko Draskovic

>PS. Please send me the schedule for next drdish@tv show
For digital recepetion of ASTRA-packages your dish should be larger then the
existing 90cm dish. To be for both satellites on the safe side, try 120 to
150cm. Your LNB should have a range from 10.7 to 12.75 GHz. Not nessesary a
Universal, but if you have to make the change, just buy the right one. It´s
only a little bit more expensive.
Much more difficult is the choice of receiver. Just to get the packages of
Italy a GALAXY (TELE-satellite 1-2/97) or the PACE 500 would be fine, but if
you like to receive more then this, two receivers are more suitable:
MASCOM 9500 from Gruber Satellitentechnik in Augsburg/Germany. This Nokia
Mediamaster based receiver will allow the recpetion of nearly all european
packages (but you need the cards) and scpc-signals in the c- and ku-band. A
first view one this receiver you can find in TELE-satellite 1-2/97.
The second receiver comes from Bakker Electronics in Urk/The Netherlands.
This time it is a converted d-box (also Nokia based) and also able to
receive c- and ku-band and the scpc-signals. At time of writing I am testing
this unit and results will be published in TS and drdish@tv.

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