Re: Combiened receiver?

another one directly from the scene. Henk provides additional information
for reception with a 120cm-dish in Israel:

>Dr.Dish wrote:
>> >I also don't know which satellites would it be possible to receive with
>> >a 120 cm dish being located in Israel.
>> Dr.Dish:
>> With 120cm dish EUTELSAT-HOTBIRD 2 could be received, but not much of bad
>> weather reserve is given. The Ku-band of ARABSAT 2A/B and the Middle-East
>> beam of PAS-4 will deliver good results on your dish. Don´t forget your own
>> AMOS-satellite. A combinantion of c/ku-band would offer a much larger
>> choice, but this means also a much larger dish.
>Hi Christian, 
>Just read your response and want to add someting for you own expertise.
>I have personal experienced that there is much more to receive with this
>relative small dish using a simple set-up of standard Ku equipment:
>All the wide beams of all Eutelsats, Turksat 1C (T-Beam), PAS 4, Arabsat
>2A, Amos 1,
>Intelsats 602, 703, 705, 707 (with the Israel spotbeam) and Gals 1/2.
>And in this corner of the world, who cares about bad weather reserves?
>More than 300 days a year clear blue sky, at least at daytime ;-)
>Best regards,
>Henk C. Room / Sat-MidEast / Cairo - Egypt
>Home Page (G): http://www.sat-net.com/sat-mideast/
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