Dish alignement in Canada

>Country:  Canada
> I am having trouble realigning a c-band dish and need to know where to
start with the dish hub
>Just briefly could you help me get off the ground by giving me some
pointers on where to start with the dish hub and so on ?
Turn your dish to the south. If you use a compass, the reading should
indicate: 190.4°. Set the polar elevation to 40.82°. The measurement is done
on the elevated part of the mount. Next, go down in the apex elevation for
6.5°. Usually you find this alignement tool on the top of the mount with a
reading of +/-10°. If you now measure the elevation of your dish, you get a
reading of 34.32°, which is fine for Timmins, Canada. Your dish should now
travel on the right track. If you have a Ku-band LNB, it would be much
easier, because nearly to the true south of your location you could find at
80°W the Satcom K2 and after proper alignement, you should see a signal from
this Ku-band satellite.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
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