More D-box middle-east

>Hi again,
>I have to correct my last e-mail to u guys, the d-box i have can 
>receive SCPC signals !!!
> all d-box users in europe with the italian version can receive 
>SCPC signals too !!!!!!!
>The trick is to use the service menu (radio+99+radio) select a 
>channel then select menu 8(configure receiver) and put the IF freq of 
>the channel. (ps : must copy the test channels to the EPG first using the
>menu PGUP)
>Until now, i can receive the following SCPC signals :
>hot bird :
>Rai international : (11.464v) if:1714 rate:4237 fec:3/4 (err 70) 
>WTN : (12.558h) if: 1958  rate: 5632  fec:3/4 (err 78)
>ATPV : (12.549) if:1949 rate:5632 fec:3/4 (err 93)
>Eutelsat 2f2 :
>Kral TV :  rate:5632 fec:3/4 (err 70)
>err is the error rate . VIACOM package : err 120-125
>no signal is receivable below error rate of 45
>I failed to receive World Net (maybe signal is weak) and RTL (narow 
>beam ?)
>the tests where made with a 1.2m offset dish with a universal Grundig 
>LNB (9750,10600)
>more will follow soon
>best regards
>ghassan tabet

Congratulation, Ghassan! Nice piece of work.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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