>Dear Mr.Mass:
>this time no technical question, but your knowledge of the satcom-market (I
>attended your brilliant reading at Modena) is needed. Looking at some of
the so >called newsletters, we can not decide which one to buy. The prices
are high and >the question arises what we will get for the money? "Cable
Europe" is a new one >on the market. Do you think it´s paying off?
>ISCOM, Rijeka-Croatia
in my personal opinion it is too much money (495 Pound) for 8 pages of
common knowledge and official press releases. Today you get via the Internet
daily updates free of charge (SAT-ND, TS-News etc.) with a lot of background
information and investigative journalism.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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