Digital + Analog and MOTOR!

>Hi, Dr. Dish!
>I just read this:
>The firm "Neijland" introduced the 'Digi-M' which makes it possible to 
>connect a motorised dish with a Quattro-LNB with both analogue and
>digital receiver. That should be the answer for most Quatto-LNB 
>owners, so you don't have to replace the LNB with a Universal one, 
>so you can keep watching the entire frequency-range. 
>The Digi-M will cost 169 Guilders.
>(David de Jong)
>Do you know more? Is there any Interent site of this firm?
>Thanks a lot.
Here first the adress of Neijland:
NEIJLAND Antennetechniek
Ulftseweg 71
NL-7064BB Silvolde/The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-315-328297
Neijland has no homepage and no e-mail adress. The Digi-M Interface, which
this company demonstrated of the Eindhoven exhibition last weekend, is able
to let your analogue and digital receivers work with a magnetic polarizer.
Neijland is very busy to develop a interface for mechanic polarizers. Due to
the different switching times of a digital receiver (very fast) and a
mechanical polarizer(slow) there are still some problems which Neijland is
trying to solve.
In our next drdish@tv-show (dec.13) we will show the device for magnetic
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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