>Ich suche ein digitalen Empfanger für feeds in SCPC Und MCPC.
>Mit welchem digitalen Empfanger kann Ich folgendes sehen :
>1/ Enex-feeds (European New Exchange-Consortium) auf Eutelsat II-F3 / 16° Ost
>    Frequenzen : 12528-12538-12546 und 12556 V in 36 Mhz und 6 Mb/s.
>    (Interesse für VTM-feeds regelmässig und 13 und 19 Uhr. Fussball am Samstag
>    (20 bis 22 Uhr) und Sonntag (15 bis 17 Uhr).
>2/ Nethold-feeds auf Intelsat 601 - 27,5° W - Frequenz 11479 H - Bandw.:15000
>    7/8.
>Mit dank im voraus für ein baldiges Antwort !
>Freundlichen Grüssen,
>Pascal WAEYAERT - Oostduinkerke - Belgiën

The Feeds of the European News Exchange (ENEX) could be received with a
upgraded Nokia Mediamaster. This special receiver is converted by a german
company. One sample unit is currently tested for TELE-satellite (1/97). We
got no problems with this feeds. On the same signals we tested the german
d-box (a degraded Mediamaster) and used three different units. No results
(only ID) in the first test with a older wideband lnb. Then we changed to
the new SMW-LNB (which has a much more stable L.O.F.) and had luck with one
d-box. The others just showed the ID.
The special 9500 will be on the market in the end of december or beginning
of january. This device is able to work quite good on most of the
feed-signals and accepts the packages of all european program-providers (if
a CAM and a card is available). Further we tested the unit in the c-band
with success.

The MultiChoice cable feeds on INTELSAT 601 for Skandinavia we did see, but
not the feeds for the Benelux.

My advice: just wait for the converted Nokia.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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