Re: FAO:<<mike - Re: Echostar/Uniden/Chaparral?

>The SCT Monterey Classic is now virtualy UK built. Sct have also biaught all
>the available spares from Chaparral. By next summer the Monterey will be
>completely UK built.... It is the best!
>President of the Monterey Owners Club ... 
My very short and shy remarks on the Chaparral resulted in letters of
protest from different members of the M.O.Club and even Mr. President is
protesting by himself .. There must be something true about "simply the
best" or it is some kind of scientology church. To clear this,
TELE-satellite and drdish@tv tried to get hold of the SCT-Monterrey for
testing, but no success. Imagen, some customer get`s technical problems and
nobody responds to his or her complains? Would you recommend such a company?

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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