Differences: MediaMaster/d-box

>Country:  Austria
>Questions:  Dear Dr. Dish,
>Do you now what the real differences are between the D-Box
>and the Nokia DVB 9500S at it is (or will be) sold in Holland?
>Kind Regards,
>Frans Bouwmeester
Not very much. Mainly the software, which is delivered by the
program-provider, will make the difference. A DF1-ugrade via satellite will
be recognized by the d-box, but probably not by the MediaMaster. The
MediaMaster will accept a MultiChoice card, a d-box doesn´t.
The MediaMaster got a little bit more flash memory (1.5Mb/1.0Mb). Different
on-screen-languages and design. And much difference in the price: the d-box
costs DM 850,- (hfl.945,-) and the MediaMaster hfl. 2200,- (DM1970,-).
So, if you just like to watch the MultiChoice-package, there are cheaper
solutions then the MediaMaster (but without the comfort) and if you like to
get back some lost feeds in the ku-band (Reuters, WTN, AF-TV and locals via
DFS) and you can live with the DF1-package (you don´t have to...) and the
open channels ARD, ZDF, DFS, KABEL-1, SAT-1 in MPSC and RTL in SCPC, you
could buy the d-box.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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