1Scart & 2 Decoders

>Country:  Malta
>Questions:  I own an Emme-Esse LT Sat Receiver and two decoders, a
videocrypt and a D2Mac respetively. Now the problem is that the receiver has
only one scart plug dedicated to the decoder so that I have to unplug one
decoder to activate the other one. Is there something in the market where
two decoders can be connected at once and if the answer is positive, can you
possibly supply me with the address (email or otherwise) of the supplier.
>Thank you.
You could use the SWX4+-switch (up to four decoders or other devices are
switched automaticilly).
Itīs made by: Satellite Supply Point in the Netherlands. Fax:+31-33-298 5248.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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