Europe is united, but only on the ground. Up in Sky, we got the new kingdoms
of MultiChoice, Kirch, Telepiu and AB with strongly guarded borders and
orders to shoot anybody trying to cross one of this borders.
"No, you canīt use a MPEG-receiver for Telepiu in the Netherlands and if you
do so, we will kill him by the next software update via satellite."

Each kingdom provides their inhabitants with silly boxes and silly
tv-programs. In Holland they stopped terrestrial transmissions of four
commercial stations from one to the other day and forced viewers to buy a
box for 1600 Dutch Guilders (US$ 1000,-) in order to watch this free channels.
drdish@tv will not testing this boxes for pay tv in future, but we would
like to report about MPEG-receivers, able to work on MCSP and SCPC-signals.
drdish@tv viewers would like to get back their feed-signals and other
scpc-transmissions. So, we are lokking for this kind of receivers. Such a
receiver must work in the ku- and in the c-band, must have a memory bank to
store different frequencies and MPEG-parameters.
Two receivers we know of, are not available to the general public: Atlanta
Scientifics PowerVu (which is expensive) and a special version of the
Panasat IRD 520. A fine piece of art is the FUBA OVD 668 in connection with
the TV/Com T-Link, which we showed in our september-program, but this unit
is build for commercial use. Nearly all in Europe, Asia and Africa sold
MPEG-boxes would be able to receive scpc-signals, but castrated to do only
one job: receiving pay tv packages.
 If somebody in Africa would like to receive the free of charge Deutsche
Welle-TV via Intelsat on 1° west, he never will find a suitable receiver!

So, if you know a provider of satellite equipment, able to offer a suitable
and "real" MPEG-receiver for a fair price, please let us know and we will
show this receiver in our next live-program.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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