Re: LT8700

At 15:29 15.10.1996 +0000, you wrote:
>I've recently bought a 8700 and I am very happy with it....but one thing
>I find I can't do with the 8700 that I could do with the 7700 is change
>the channel names.For example , If I wanted mtv on channel 2 on the 7700
>I could just change the name by using the remote. Hope you understand
>what I mean and maybe help!..Please!

The only way is to do the job via the 200 Favorite Channel-Menue. Only this
channels you can give a new name.
Another way would be to run your LT8700 by PC with the add. RS-232 Intreface
and the new software 4.0
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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