Arab Sat-tv in Vancouver

>Questions:  HI Dr. Dish!!!             I live in vancouver Canda and
>i have a 3' dish worke's on K U band with .7 
>LNB...Could i get the LBC  chanal from lebanon or other arabic
>chanales beside egypt ch.  if so,what do i need to upgrate my
>dish,and do i need a multi color TV ?
>one more question,
>Can i use a C band and K U band on the same 3' or 2'.5" dish
Omar Mahmood

LBC transmitts via the new ARABSAT 2A. Unfortunatly this satellite is far
behind the horizon. ED-TV from Dubai uses INTELSAT K (21.5°west). Again the
same problem. The only station I know of, is the Arabic Network ANA via
GALAXY 6 (74° west) in the c-band (3.900 GHz, audio 6.8 MHz). NTSC is used.
If you install some kind of corotor (Chaparral, ADL or California Amplifier)
and add. a  c-band lnc, you are able to receive both bands.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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