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At 00:10 06.10.1996 +0000, you wrote:
>Mr. drdish I have some questions for you:
>Wich size of dish do I need to receive  a satisfied picture
>on INTELSAT 601 (27.5 degrees West) horizontal polarity 
>(for instance:WIRE TV) in Romania?
>Same question for DFS Kopernikus 1,2,3 (33.5 , 28.5 , 23.5 degrees East)
>Where can I find equipment to receive weather satellites in Romania ?

>Please don't answer me by Kopernikus DFS 3 because
>my equipment can't receive it (1.8 m;LNB 0.6dB;RX Protec 9200P).
>Thank you.
For WIRE-TV you will need NTL2000 compatible digital receiving equipment. If
you live in Bucarest a dish size of 3,7m (9dB) would requried to receive

DFS-FM1 on 33.5 east is gone (he is out of control and does a sightseeing
tour around the globe).
For the 23.5 and 28.5 position, a 3m-dish (for Bucarest) of good ku-band
quality will do the job. On the western parts of the country even 1,8m is
reported by viewers, but I believe ones have to live with some noise in the
picture, so 2.4 is my advice.

Try Comtec 2000 (tel 01-6191948). Or contact the german company Doebis
Deltacom GmbH, Fax: +49-2626-17022. This company offers the GRUNDIG
Weathersatellite Station MST 100 and exports also to your country. (Test of
the MST 100 in issue 11/12-1996 of TELE-satellite magazine and first
impressions in drdish@tv on October 11)
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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