scrambled signals & AOR5000

Q: Thanks a lot for your story on the Nigerian scum-mafia in TELE-satellite
magazine. We had to import the magazine in another way, because the pages
with your story are missing. We made some tests on INTELSAT 601 and got a
lot of very interesting scpc-signals, but partly scarambled. In an older
issue you introduced a device, able to descramble audio signals, but no
adress of the manufacturer was given.
During my time in Belgium I followed your excellent Dr.Dish-TV show. You
announced a test of the AOR5000 receiver, buth nothing came. Is there any
plan to test this receiver?

The digital descrambler C1 came from:
VHT IMPEX, Bredenstrasse 65, D-32124 Enger/Germany, phone: +49-5224-97090.
The AOR5000 is still a problem. We would like to present this excellent
receiver in the show of Oct.11, but he is not available in time. We had one
unit from the United kingdom for just three days. Not enough for testing and
we like to use this receiver as reference and  for the planned videotapes
about SCPC and FDM. Since showing such a receiver in the program and in the
magazine, it would promote the sale of such a unit. So we expect to get the
receiver as a long term
lented unit. drdish@tv canīt afford to buy any fine receiver and play the
sales promotioner for some companies.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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