Janeil BCR4000 motor connec.

>Questions:       I'm a newbie to satellite viewing and was lucky enough to
have gotten my 
>system for free. Please help with the following needs:
>     I've got a 10 foot mesh dish with a motor drive( no arm actuator) both
>My receiver is a Janeil model no. BCR 4000. I have a 6 conductor cable  for
>motor drive---Two heavy gauge ( red and white) for A and B. Three light gauge 
>wires ( green, orange, and brown ) plus the shield for the motor sensor.
The dish motor has 4 terminals marked 1,2,3,4.
>     Currently I have the red and white heavy gauge hooked to 1 and 2 at
the dish and  A and B at the receiver. The light gauge green and shield are
connected to 4 at the dish and shield at the receiver motor sensor.The
orange and brown are both hooked up to 3 at the dish and to +5vdc at the
>      My problem is the dish will only move manually and not to a preset or
seek mode. I have to move it one click at a time either east or west.I get
an antenna error message on the screen if I attempt to go any further. I
cannot get 
>east or west limits to stay in memory. Do you know the procedure for this?
>      Advice would be appreciated and I thank you for your time.
I do not know your receiver, but letīs try it together:
Connect as follows:
Receiver        Color       Actuator
A               red             1
B               white           2
Sensor          green           Sensor (maybe 3)
Ground          Shield          4

Leave +5V, because this could be used for the polarizer or hall-actuator and
I believe your motor is a reed-type.
The whole ting should run by now. If the actuator goes in the wrong
direction, just exchange red against white on the receiver-side. If 3 or 4
is Ground, you have to check by yourself.
Good luck!

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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