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>Can you tell what i need to receive Scpc signal's ?
>I have read about it, i have seen it on tv, i think in a show of you, but i
still don't know what i need (lnb- receiver- etc.)
>Can you help me, i want to receive the signals of the Dutch radio stations
on the Eutelsat 2F1 transponder 22a
>Marcel Vlaming
First, the last question: All stations are transmiting in the Radio
250-system. Itīs in SCPC, but you will need a very expensive
receiver/decoder. The lowest price I heard of was DG 3800,-. Hopefully one
or more stations will appear maybe in the dutch ADR-package.
In order to receive scpc-telecommunication via the c-band (in Ku-band you
donīt find very much analogue activity) you will need a audio-receiver,
covering the frequency-range 900 to 1450 MHz (better to 2000 MHz for use on
INMARSAT etc). The receiver must be switchable between FM-narrow/wide, AM
and SSB. The lnb delivers via a splitting-device the signal to your normal
satellite receiver and via a power-blocker to the the scpc-receiver. The
satellite-receiver/positioner is only used for changing satellites and
For a starter move your dish to the INTELSAT 1° West position. Search
carefully the band between 950 and 140 MHz in FM-wide (for radio stations)
and FM-narrow (for all kind of telecommunication). Listen to telephone
traffic inside Libya try around the frequency 4.020 GHz, lhcp. This is on
your scpc-receiver around 1130 MHz (local osc.frequ. 5150 MHz - 4020
MHz=1130 MHz).
SCPC-signals are found mainly on all INTELSATīs and ARABSATīs.
In November you can get a video-tape, produced by drdish@tv, dealing with
all aspects of scpc.
Good luck!
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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