ASTRA in Cairo

>Questions:  Dear Dr.Dish,
>When I moved from London to Cairo in January, I had a small hope of being
able to get the Astra satelite signals in Cairo. For this reason I took my
Luxcrypt decoder with me so I could watch the Dutch channels RTL4, RTL5 and
>I have a 1.8 m dish and can receive Eutelsat and Hotbird (and others like
Turksat) but Asta seems to be to far away. Is there any posibility to
receive the Astra channels in Cairo? I believe the largest dish size
available here is around 4 m
My answer would be much too theoretical. To get the correct answer, please
contact Mohy H. Elwan of NEW TECH MAKETING, P.O.Box 58, Zamalek, CAIRO 11211,
Tel: 340 8695 and 391 9493. Mohy has experiance in installing ASTRA dishes.

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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