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>Dear Mr MASS,
>I have browsed your web two days ago, and I subscribed to your Dr-DISH
>Mailing list. (I sometimes receive messages in German and, unfortunately, I
>don't speak german at all).
>Besides, I have seen a very interesting article you wrote, about "D-I-Y
>Mr MASS, I am NOT involved in any kind of satellite business.
>I am just a guy who has two or three questions, and who has not found the
>answers on the Web yet (Neither Web, nor usenet, nor on FAQ's, nowhere...)
>So, would you please be so kind to tell me if you can answer to the three
>following questions ?
>Thank you very very much for your help !
>Here they are :
>First of all, I would like to apologize if some questions seem "dumb".
>Well... as I said, I am NOT specialized in satellites. I was just in the
>industrial computer parts import/export business for the last 13 years...
>In short, I'm 38, I'm not a "beginner", my interest in having answers to
>those questions is REAL, I looked all over FAQ's, postings, newsgroups, Web
>sites, etc..., but I have NOT found the answers to the following questions.
>That's the reason why I need your help !
>Thank you  *very*  *very*  *very*  much !
>1ø : Land and water temperature :
>I would like to do what follows. I know that a company in France was doing
>this, but, as far as I know, that company doesn't exists anymore, so I can't
>ask them HOW they were doing this :
>They received a sat feed signal that they used to display and print maps
>with the temperature of water. I have such a kind of print here in hands.
>This is what's mentioned on the print (translation from french) :
>     "Realised from a N.O.A.A. image  (IMAR laboratory, NANTES (France))"
>         "Surface water temperature in mediterranean sea"
>That's all.
>The picture shows southern France, Spain, north Africa and Italy in black,
>with clouds in white, and the mediterranean sea is in different colors, from
>blue where the water is cold to red where it's hot.
>I would like to know HOW i could do this ?
>(What satellite, what signal, what band, what feed, what LNB, what software,
>However, I would like to do this for SEA but also for LAND.
>Regarding to this, I know a professor from a u.k. university who was looking
>for I.R. maps of Pyrenees in order to analyse the Pyrenees flood in Spain at
>the beginning of august.
>His name is Mr D. A. KILHAM, Dept. of Geography, University of Bristol,
>                          D.A.Kilham@bristol.ac.uk
>He was looking for, I quote "an archive of hourly Meteosat imagery that will
>show the development of the storm over the Pyrenees on 7/8 August 1996 - The
>data needs to be calibrated IR temperatures".
>I called him to tell him about the map I have (from what company it was
>coming from, etc...), but I don't think he finally got what he wanted.
>So, we are at least two peoples who would be interested in having the answer
>about how to "build" temperature maps, for both land and sea.
>Could you please help us ?
>Thank you !
>2ø Besides to sea temperature, the french company was also getting images
>that showed where the plankton is.
>They super-imposed the 2 images (temperature + plankton), and the result was
>giving the spots where the fishermen have to go to cath fishs : where the
>sea is hot, and where plankton is.
>Same as in point 1. : Could you please let me know how it is possible to do
>this ?
>3ø "Land watching" :
>As you surely heard from the news, some big problems are actually hitting
>Among those problems is the "funds forwarders attacks" (well...my english is
>very poor, sorry, I hope you understand...).
>Now, "they" are using "ARMORED" TRUCKS (heavyweights) to destroy the fund
>forwarders small trucks.
>My question is : We know that actual earth observation satellites can now
>make the difference between a tennis ball and a golf ball. As heavy trucks
>are a little bit bigger than a golf ball, wouldn't it be possible to
>"locate" them afterwards ?
>For example :
>Let suppose they use their big heavy trucks at, say, 10:00 am, to destroy a
>fund forwarding small truck (they did it actually...)
>Let suppose people know about that at, say, 10:30. The trucks are where
>"they" left them after the attack.
>The point would be to get a signal from a satellite, to locate the trucks
>where they are at 10:30, and, then, zoom, close the trucks, and go "back in
>time" step-by-step, image-per-image, assuming that the satellite stores the
>images for, let's say, last 24 hours or so.
>So, it would be possible to locate the robbers from their "starting point".
>Besides, as "they" are doing this by night as well, or when the weather is
>cloudy, etc..., this "system" should be able to do the tracing based on I.R.
>signal or another signal besides to the "visible" one.
>My opinion is that such a thing IS possible, but I would like to know HOW
>it's possible to do it...
>4ø Last question : financial quotes real-time data feed
>I don't know if you could be of much help here, but I'm actually in touch
>with different data vendors that are broadcasting financial information by
>They are : TENFORE , Data Broadcasting Corp (D.B.C.), and B.I.S.
>In case you already know about those companies, your comments would be much
>appreciated : it's difficult to choose from because none of them is having a
>demo site here in Belgium...!
>In case you know other companies of such a kind, please don't hesitate to
>give me references : I received many emails from peoples having seen my
>posts and who would like me to give them a feedback because they are in
>similar situation.
>What I'm looking for is a Real-Time quote feed, available vis satellite, and
>that covers, at least, U.S. stock markets (NYSE / AMEX / NASDAQ) as well as
>U.S. futures markets (mainly Chicago).
>Of course I already know Reuters and Telerate, but they are really TOO
>EXPENSIVES, and they supply data via leased-lines - land-lines -, and this
>is very costly here !
>Satellite IS definitely the way !
>5. Finally, is there a good and professional solution to get onto the net
>via satellite ?
>This is because, here, in Belgium, the newsgroups are very very poorly
>managed !

>Philippe BRUNO.

We try to answer the questions in the language as coming in.

NOAA, a low orbiting weather-satellite deivers data on 137 MHz and on 1.7
GHz. For 137 MHz you can use a Discone-antenna, wx-satellite receiver with
build-in a/d-converter, PC and free/share-ware programs. Some of them are
calculating the actual temperatures on sea and land. The resolution is fine
for amateur-use.
The same is with METEOSAT. Here you get larger aereas in low resolution. A
ready to use METEOSAT-station comes from GRUNDIG, which will be tested in
TELE-satellit 11-12/96 and shown also in drdish@tv on Oct.11.

NOAA´s transmissions on 1.7 GHz are much more difficult to decode. This
HR-pictures containing all data you need. Again you will need a PC, but
further and expensive hard and software. For further information please contact:
U.Hanssen, Funksysteme GMBH, Konrad Adenauer Str. 142, D-52223
Stolberg/Germany. You can write in the english language.

The temperature + plankton imahges are coming from the french SPOT
satellite. The images are sold to interested customers. This satellites is a
multi-talent, because he used as a spy-satellite and also for scientific
purposes. Please search in the net for SPOT and you will find a lot of
images and also the proper adress.

The target car could be fitted with a EUTELTRAC-System. That means one will
find the target car back or trace it all the time. The hit car is not
traceable by "normal" satellites. The only way is to employ a
Euteltrac-system into the goods. In this case they could be located within a
range of 10 meters.
For Euteltracs, please contact EUTELSAT in Paris, Fax: +33-1-53983700 or via
the net: http://www.eutelsat.org

I know different providers of real time data, but can´t tell your about the
quality and services, since I am not involved in this business.

How to use a satellite to go into the net: first read the article in
TELE-satellite. Also you can inquire via EUTELSSAT and ORION, because both
satellite organization offer this services.
For ORION, please contact: ORION ATLANTIC, Malcolm Tallantire, Fax:
+44-171-580-8871 or e-mail: 204-1778@mcimail.com

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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