Did MED-TV die again? Canīt find this station anymore on Intelsat 18° west.
Anything known to your doctors at the clinic?
P. Jordaan, Luxembourg

Yesterday police and tax office agencies raided the station in
Denderleeuw/Belgium, looking for a connection to the kurdish PKK and seizing
assets. MED-TV is accused to have this connections and also working as a
money-laundry to clean up drug-trafficers money. A similar raid last year
dicovered BFR 350 Millionen (DM 15.000.000,-). Trying to contact the station
in Belgium where unsuccessfull and a second number in Sweden was been
constantly busy. So, nothing is known about the future of MED-TV at this time.

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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