DW-Bouquet on ASIASAT

Recently I got a S.A.-PowerVu-MPEG (SA-9223)receiver for the channels on
PAS-2. No recpetion-problems. My dealer told me, we could this receiver also
on Deutsche Welle TV (and the others which are coming with this service) via
Asiasat II. Itīs not true! The unit is not working. Complaining this to
S.A., ones get the answer you can ship the unit back to Scientific Atlanta
for a upgrade and you have to pay for. Do you have any information which
receivers will work on the European Bouquet?
F. Hendricks, Chon-Buri, Thailand

The following receivers will work on the Europe Bouquet:
PACE DVR 200/500 and DGT 400, PANASAT 520 and NTL 3000-receivers.
Now, your problem with the PowerVu-S.A. receiver:
There is a little trick do the costly "Upgrade" all by your self into a DVB
compliant MPEG-receiver:

Use the front panel of the SA-9223:
press MENUE
press USER
press NEXT
enter "6"
press USER
press YES
press VIEW

Now you receiver is ready for DW-reception. Just program all parameters
like: Datarate, FEC, local oscillator frequency.
Happy viewing.

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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