Re: Descrambling with RC

>>I have a satelite reciver and a card for it i have my card from england,
>>some of my frinds has hold me that i can put in some codes in the
>>remotecontrol, after it i can see some of the programs witch are coded.
>>do youe know any thing about this i would be glad to have the adress at
>>internet where they could be founf

I asked one of the leading experts in the field: Prof.Videl Crypelsy from
Tierra Abajo. He invented the VC-system in 1956 in the former Sovjetunion.
Working in the in Peoples Institute of Cryptology with one of the first
russioan tv-sets, he dropped it by incident. All 250 horizontal lines where
mixed up, so he had to find a way to get them back in right order. Later the
invention was been stolen by News Datacom and sold to Sir Rupert. In 1977
Crypelsy migrated to Tierra Abajo and today he owns a Mikado-factory.
Now your problem:
You have to be very fast with your remote control, in order to get each line
(out of 625) back on the right spot. If you see line 437 in place of line
197, just touch 437 + ENTER and move the line with the up/down-buttons to
place where it belongs. Then start with the next line and so on and so on...

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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