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At 17:18 21.08.1996 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi Christian !
>I'm regurarly reading your news service and it's getting very interesting about
>the digital broadcasting because of the possibilities of receiving more and
>channels . Who knows how many channels will we be able to watch in the future !
>I would like to ask you, how can I use the Satmaster chart in the
>Once I found the EIRP of my location, which dB coloumn should I look ?
>For your information I live in Budapest having a 130 offset with a 0,8dB
>lnb and a rec/poz with 4dB threshold. Beside the regular channels I can receive
>Turksats Turkish beams , EutelsatII-F3 Nile tv , F-2 SATEL , Intelsat 707
>2,3 /watchable/.
>I used to have Israel 1 in good quality until they decided to share the very
>same transponder for yet another encrypted program !  
>My last question , how about films on DF-1 do they come only in german or is it
>possible to switch to their original language ? /mostly english/
>Thanks for your answer !

To be on save side during bad weather I would choose an C/N of 12 dB.
So far es I know - and it is old terrible fashion - all movies shown on DF-1
are in the german language. Sometimes you get the original language via the
public broadcasters WDR, NDR and ADR. But only sometimes. They say to have
problems with licences if they use the original language. Around
synchroniastion a whole industry is build up and they dont want to loose
jobs and money.

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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