>Hi Chris,
>It concerns not so much satellite reception, but still I count on you in
this >matter: Here in Uruguay we had strange seighting on the sky.On August
14, a very shiny round >shaped object crossed the country from south towards
north. In the early >evening this object was seen for about 12 minutes and
movbed very slowly. Could >it be a decayed satellite and do you know which one?
>Th. Matei, Atlantido/Uruguay

First I called my friend Aviator Spirito Abajo - President of Tierra Abajo -
about the sightings. He claims, all outer-space visitors have to check in
first at the Tierra Abajo Space Center. The space center - situated near the
border to Valle de Saber Nada - had no registration of any spaceship in that
aerea. Even the Minister of Declination and Desinformation - an expert on
UFO´s - had no idea.
By accident I got Jonathan´s Space Report from August 19 and found something:

"The Russian Military Space Forces launched a Molnya-1T comsat at Plesetsk
on Aug.14 into an elliptical 12 hour orbit. The spacecraft first entered a
low parking orbit of 207x438kmx62.8°. The Block-ML upper stage ignited over
South America to raise the orbit to 450x40800 km. The sun angle made the
rocket plume widely visible, causing s flurry of UFO-reports in Chile...."

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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