>Questions:  Hello Dr Dish!
>I have read from your answers that Asianet has gone digital
>on orion F1 system MPEG. Would it be possible to get hold of
>a receiver/decoder from USA and watch Asianet in Europe.
>Thank you for your very informative service regarding satellite-
>Best regards
>Maqsood Ahmad
Now you got me! Because I can only guess what Asianet is doing. Here first 
the facts: Frequency: 11.680 GHz, vertical.
Now the the guess,because ORION F1 is behind a crazy grown tree and seen by 
my dish only in the wintertime: Symbolrate: 5.632 and FEC 3/4.
So far as I know they are using the same parameters then AP-TV and WTN on 
A normal MPEG-Homebox canīt do the job. A commercial unit - like Fuba/TV-Com 
will do the job, but the price tag hangs by around 6000 US$. We expect a 
drop in prices during the months. So, just take you time.
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