Re: More Digital Questions!

>Dear Dr. Dish.
>I am trying to establish whether purchasing a DVB satellite receiver will
>meet my expectations. As Mr. Murdoch is not bringing Digital television to
>the UK until the end of 1997, I am considering purchasing a receiver from
>mainland Europe. 
>Are there any DVB packages which are using the same Conditional Access
>Module as another package for a different part of Europe and do all channels
>require viewing cards, assuming you have the correct CAM? 
>All information from Tele-satellit and Dr. Dish refers to DVB channels
>viewable with a D-box. Is this the most versatile unit available or is it
>the unit available to German residents and so German stations? Does the
>Conditional Access Module in the D-box provide the greatest quantity of
>channels to watch without subscriptions? Do the German channels require a
>subscription or is the viewing card a device that has no connection with the
>broadcasters and so it would not need renewing, i.e. lets you view but does
>not have control over your viewing as cards connected with pay tv systems?
>Do feeds by industrial DVB users, e.g. Reuters, WTN (when not scrambled)
>require a Conditional Access Module of a particular kind or are these
>broadcasts generally free from such restriction? Is the only domestic DVB
>receiver currently available capable of receiving such broadcasts the
>Echostar, with the major alternative the Pace not being able to access lower
>data rates? What is the lowest data rate accessable with a domestic machine
>like the Echostar and are channels like TV10 and AsiaNet only accessable
>with industrial receivers due to their very low data rates? Would an
>industrial receiver allow viewing of un-encrypted broadcasts or does the
>same problem of CAM and viewing card still apply? How many thousands would
>you think an industrial DVB receiver cost? Do you know much about industrial
>DVB receivers or could you tell me a good place to start enquiring (should
>the domestic machines be as restrictive as I imagine) as I am not so much in
>a financial position to buy one but work in the television industry?
>Do you know of any Digital package available to Scandinavia yet (in particle
>Norway) as this may be my source of equipment? There is a Digital package
>via Telex. Do you know which Conditional Access Module could be used for
>such a package?
>Thankyou for any information you can provide and for producing a very
>informative service,
>        Yours sincerely
>        Chris Clement
Halleluja, thats a long one. I never will meet the editorial dealine for 
TELE-satellit if this is going like this.... :-))
You could buy a european version of a satellite receiver. There are some 
differences. The german d-box does (if you have enough time) programming 
automatically. Other version (Echostar, Pace and Philips) used outside 
Germany do the job, but you have to program frequencies, FEC and datarate by 
yourself. I prefer this one, because for experimental purposes its nicer. 
The d-box says just "no transport signal" and you get a black screen. The 
other uniots could forced into a package. But with result of flickering 
pictures and distorted sound (Filmnet Nordic on Intelsat 601). Alle this 
units working between 15 and 30 Msymb/sec, even if the chip is able to go 
lower or higher.So no TV-10 with this boxes (5.632 Msymb/sec).
Together with your box you get the CAM and the Card. In Europe IRDETO 
encoding is used widely for the CAM. The card is a real national piece. She 
only opens the booked channels. If if they are free of charge. At this 
moment german viewers can still receive the four dutch commercial channels, 
but this will change after soft-scrambling is applied. Anyway thewre still 
are lot of open channels.
A industral receiver with QPSK-Demodulator costs between DM 10.000 and 
12.000,-. Too much for the hobby. On the other hand you will get all your 
nice feeds back.They are not encoded. Via INTELSAT K we can watch all feeds 
in MPEG.
The didgital package on TELE-X is with the commercial unit receivable (30 
Msymb/sec, FEC: 7/8). If have experience with a home-box on this package.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
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