Actuator cabling

>Questions:  I have just rented a house that has a 10' satellite dish
>and receiver system. Unfortunately,  the receiver is not
>connected and the diagram in the manual does not match the
>color or number of wires in the ribbon cable. For example,
>the manual says I should have 4 wires for the actuator and
>sensor, white, green, black and sheild (bare wire). That
>part of the ribbon cable has a sheild wire and a green wire
>but the other two are brown and orange! Also, there are
>two much thicker wires, one red and one white that are not
>mentioned in the manual at all!
Here we are with the 911-service: disconnect all wires from the actuator and 
make a new start.
Connect the two thick cables to the motor-connector (usually signed with M1 
+ M2) to the positioner and on the back of the receiver. The sheilded wire 
to ground on both sides and the red wire to "PULSE". Thats all. If the 
actuator turns to the wrong side, just exchange the two thick wires between 
the two motor connectors (26 or 36V).
Good luck!
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