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>Just got my mpeg-box for playing around and wonder how they transmiit all 
the >additional digital information. Somewhere one should find the 
frequencies in >use, datarates and fec. Letīs ask dr.dish. B.t.w. where do 
you have your >clinic?
>Gustavo Nelho, CH-Luzern
The follwing service information is carried via the ASTRA satellite network:

NIT (Network Information Table) are transmitted on each ASTRA-transponder 
with DVB-signals. NIT carries the dynamically updated network and 
transponder specific information (frequenzies, code rates etc.) for all 
transponders of the network. NIT is transmitted every 10 seconds.

SDT (Service Description Table) is carried on the two Barker channel (V/H). 
A Barker channel is a private data stream within a DVB/MPEG-2 multiplex. SDT 
contains the service related information (services names, service provider 
names etc.) for all DVB services on ASTRA. The complete STD is transmitted 
every 2 seconds.
(ASTRA Digital IRD SYS-139/05-95)

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