Re: Data Uplink from Pakistan

>Very impressed with your question/answer page.
>The following is a very basic question since I have close to zero
>knowledge of modern satellite communications.
>I am currently exploring the possiblility of starting an Internet
>Service Provider Business in Pakistan. Due to the lack of availability
>of high-speed data transmission lines, I was wondering whether it would
>be possible to uplink data using satellite communications. 
>Is this even possible? If so, where can I can more information about
>bandwidth, pricing, etc for the Pakistan region?
>Shehzaad Nakhoda

Its done allready by EUTELSAT for Europe and ORION for Europe and the US. 
For Pakistan you should contact INTERSPUTNIK in Moscow (Intersputnik 
Directorate, 2nd Smolensky per., 1/4, 121099 Moscow, Fax: +7-095-253-99-06 
or e-mail: dir@intersputnik.msk.ru).  On STATIONAR 12 (40E) and STATIONAR 
20 (70E) are transponder-space available at low costs for data-exchange.
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