Re: 2.4 metre micromesh dish

>Hi DrDish,
>I'm about to buy a new satellite dish.
>I'm after a large diameter so to implement, in the near future, a C band
>I'd like to buy a relative light dish, maybe a micromesh type, because I've
>some installation problems (I've got to install the antenna myself on the
>roof of a 5 floor building). I've read in a Tele-satellit issue, that the
>micromesh type of antenna (Orbitron, Kti, Paraclipse) is only suitable for
>C band reception, while in Ku band the results are worse than those
>achieved with a solid dish of the same diameter. Is it true that, say, a
>2.40 metre micromesh dish is equivalent to 2.4*0.7=~1.66 metre solid dish?
>What brand of dishes (2.40 metre) do you suggest me? (not Irte, please:
>they are made  out of too thin alluminium).
>It's better to motorise that type of antenna with a linear actuator (and
>polarmount) or with a H-H motor? 
>Will be there a replay of the 9th August transmission of DrDish@tv?. I''ll
>not be able to watch it because I'll be on vacation that time.
>Thanks in advance.
If the mesh-dish is made in a real prof.way, one would use the factor 0.8 
for ku-band, compared with a prof-like solid dish. Practical tests with 
different mesh dishes showed that this factor goes down to around 0.6. Not 
much joy in the ku-band.
My advice: try to get hold of a second hand Andrew-dish and use a two 
actuator solution, since many satellites are in a inclined orbit and with 
such a good and large dish you certainly wish to receive all satellites and 
their feed signals. Some receivers - as the Drake ESR 2000XT - are able to 
control both actuators and can handle weak signals.
There is no replay of drdish@tv. We will use all the transponder- time for 
the live show. So transmission starts at 20:00 h (CET) and close down is at 
23:00 hours. In a few days I will publish the adress of our new and more 
reliable copy-service. So you are able to order the tape.
Have a nice holiday.

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