Loosing RTL4,5, SBS6 and Veronica?

>Questions:  Hello, I don't know if you can help me, or perhaps you can
>tell me where I can look for the answers. I have two questions:
>1) I am trying to contact the home page of SAT1 in Germany.
>   I know the URL is www.sat1.de, and it does connect, but
>   I am then given the reply: Forbidden - client does not have permission
>   to get info from this server, or something like that. How
>   can I get permission, or perhaps contact them by e-mail?
>2) I have heard that the four Dutch channels, RTL4/5, Veronica,
>   and SBS6, will soon stop using Luxcrypt, and go digital.
>   Can you tell me what it will entail to keep receiving these
>   channels, i.e equipment upgrades etc.
>I know you are busy people, but any help you can provide, would be very much 
>Many thanks in anticipation,
>Tim Fray 
Dr. Dish:
No idea to question 1, but one of our readers could have the right answer.

2): Yes, all this channels will stop analogue transmission next month. To 
receive this signals you will need the dutch multichoice package. This means 
a digital receiver from Echostar or Pace, the correct Conditional Access 
Module and a Viewing Card. All this is only available to the dutch viewer. 
So, you will need some friend or relative in the Netherlands who could order 
this equipment and give it to you. The channles are free of charge.
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