Re: MPEG on PAS 4

>I have a new PACE DVR 500 MPEG 2 receiver with a conditional access card 
>and enjoy the Showtime bundle on the KU band on PAS4. Can I switch to my 
>C-band LNB  120 cm dish and receive the Multichoice bundle on the C-band 
>Africa beam here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. If so what would be  the 
>reciever settings?
MultiChoice uses Transponder 2 (upper and lower) 3.716 GHz, vertical and 
3.743 GHz, vertical. The Symbolrate you have to change to 20600 and the FEC 
is 3/4. The same C.A.M. (IRDETO) is used. The only problem could be the 
acceptance of the smart-card.
Good luck!

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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