>Dear Dr. Dish, I purchased a 10 ft. dish while living on the mainland 
>but since have relocated to the Hawaiian Islands. My question is will I 
>still recieve signals. I dont know where to point it or if Ill recieve 
>the same satellite feeds. Can you shed any light on this for me?

Theoretical you dish sees all satellites from 177west to 180 East. This 
quite a lot. If you have a polarmount, here are some data (calculated for Hilo):
Magnetic variation: 10.2E
Modified polar elevation: 69.82
Modified apex elevation: 66.86
Modified polar axis: 20.18
Modified apex declination: 23.14
Modified declination offset: 2.95

Here are some satellites:
Satcom C1 at 137W: 32 dBW C-Band
Satcom C4 at 135W: 32 dBW C-Band
Galaxy 5 at 125 W: 32 dBW C-Band
Galaxy 4 at 99W: 32 dBW C-Band
Telstar 401 at 97W: 33dBW C-Band/42dBW Ku-Band
Galaxy 3R at 95W: 32 dBW C-Band
Telstar 402R at 89W: 33dBW C-Band/42dBW Ku-Band
PAS-2 at 169E: 29 dBW C-band

This list is only an example. There many more satellite receivable on 
Hawaii. Have a look into TELE-satellite magazine 7/8-96 for the worldwide 
channellist or just look to the homepage of satco-dx (link via 

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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