>Dear Dr Dish,
>I wonder if you can help me with a problem...? I have been standing on the
>platform of my local station and have had a wonderfully exciting time
>collecting numbers of the trains.Isnt it funny ,..they all seem the
>same...but it is still exciting!However,my own doctor tells me that I must
>find a less stressful hobby.
>He suggested   satellite TV...!Now I have a friend...yes really...who last
>week jumped off a window ledge after finding that his satellite receiver
>kept going
>wrong....he survived the fall,but suffered very bad injuries after the
>satellite receiver hit him on the head...! You see,his wife had thrown it
>out of the window after he jumped out!.......very sad!!
>Is satellite DXing really that stressful?
I think its not. There are some rules. If you obey them, everything will be 
1. Dont use some of this newly receivers with computer inside
2. If you allready got one, never try to go program such a device.
3. Did you allready the programming and it goes wrong (and it will) dont ask 
the company who build this device for technical help. They will tell you 
that they  did not build such a receiver.

I got all this trouble, so now I got a MPEG-receiver without a Conditional 
Access Module and Smart-Card. Its a very quiet experience and I love it. A 
second receiver I bought in Tierra Abajo. They have one channel receivers 
(only for the goverment-channel). I converted this receiver to see the 
german channel NTV. It is very relaxing. You only get the news, you allready 
know about from your local newspaper.It is a 24 hour channel and no exciting 
(think about your heart) news ever will make you awake
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel
live via DFS-II (28.5E)

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